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Hi! I'm Cat.

I spent a lot of time haunting LJ before I connected with other people, mostly through contacts I'd made at conventions. I think the pinnacle of my LJing will always be 2007, then there was the Great LJ Drought of '08/'09... since 2010 I've tried to get back on the horse with varying success, and of course a lot of things have changed in my absence. I do hope for some kind of huge LJ renaissance some days though, as I miss those heady days back when.

I am trying not to actually give a life history on here now, as that's the sort of thing that rather needs updating, and I can be lazy and absent-minded. I grew up in the North East of England, I lived a while in London pretending (and mostly failing) to be an academic, I went on an extended bout of travelling, and now live in Cambridge.

When I created my LJ, I hoped to use it to encourage myself to write more, and my name is taken from two separate fantasy books. I still have not made time in my life to focus on writing, mostly because I seem to get distracted by everything else. Nevertheless, I hope to develop self-discipline at some point, and finish some of the things I've started.

One of the big problems I have with finding time to write, is that there is SO MUCH I want to read without adding my attempts to it. Despite academic background in literature, I can be oddly reticent to discuss books I've read, as the really good ones are so personal.

I've dipped in and out of a few specific fandoms, with various levels of interaction with other human beings. The first fandom I was ever involved in was BtVS, but I wasn't hugely present in the online communities at the time, as I was reliant on my friend's dial up internet access, and print outs of fanfic. I still attend conventions though, and it is very much my happy place. When I made it into the 20th century with a laptop of my own, I absorbed various aspects of LOTR, Alias, and Smallville fandoms from the shadows, with very little participation. After attending the first Supernatural convention, I made friends on LJ and jumped into fandom there, though I only stayed a couple of years before falling out of love with both the TV show, and the wider community. From there, I became very involved in following the band Kane, and the musician Steve Carlson, but I've since drifted away from there too.

I love conventions. I started very much in TV specific cons, but I'm starting to move towards general SFF and literature. You can find a list of conventions I've attended through the years here.

Travelling is a Big Thing for me. I have found it a yardstick for measuring my achievement which I really enjoy.
I've felt old before my time but now I keep the age away by burning up the miles and by filling up my days.
The biggest trip I've made was five and a half months long, and I made the community 0wonderlost to document some of my travels and keep in touch with people (of LJ and otherwise) back home.

"Real life" seems to be designed to be an annoying thing which drags me away from all of the above. I'm still working on finding a way to be financially solvent without feeling dissatisfied and unfulfilled. I have bouts of gritting my teeth and plunging myself into the soul-destroying world of jobhunting, but am still in the position where my CV tracks disparate qualifications, experience, and 'transferable skills' without adding up to any sort of career.

After 10+ years on LiveJournal, and 29+ years of life, I'm still trying to figure out what to do with either of them. You're welcome to come along for the ride.

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I am also on twitter and facebook, but please do not mention the existence of my LJ on either. Keep it secret, keep it safe.